Bucket List

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Bucket lists constantly change, and I assure you this one will as well. I’m starting with the basics, and over time I will be allowed to add but not delete items.

When I complete an item, I will be sure to mark it with a date of completion! I’ve done a lot of cool things already, but I am only counting the items completed since I started college. I honestly feel like all of my goals are obtainable, not just ridiculous “out there” items.

I’m always looking for new adventures, so please let me know if you have other suggestions. Even better, let me know if you have experiences with one of the items and want to share your story. 🙂

Top 15 Countries: (Lets be honest, I want to go everywhere.)
– Thailand
– Costa Rica (8/2012)
– Croatia
– New Zealand
– Australia
– Ireland
– Greece
– Spain
– Italy
– Egypt
– Morocco
– Namibia
– Cambodia
– Iceland
– Brazil

Top 10 Activities:
– Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (for Matt)
– Hike the John Muir Trail
– Hike the Incan Trail (5/2013)
– Go skydiving
– Visit the Eiffel Tower (1/2011)
– Volunteer abroad (Ecuador, 6/2014)
– Attend a major festival
– Run a half marathon
– See the Aurora Borealis
– Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

10 More “Professional” Items:
– Learn Spanish
– Write a book
– Graduate college (12/2013)
– Attend a TED conference
– Attend a PRSA conference
– Design a logo
– Teach a class
– Work at an agency
– Get a Masters degree
– Read 50 books in a year

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