Corpus Christi (Our Backup Plan)

A few weeks ago, I was trying to get back to Kansas for the weekend and sat in the airport for TEN HOURS. That’s how standby works, ladies and gentlemen, especially when you are automatically bumped for all customers and employees (rightfully so). This experience was a little bit scarring, even though I did finish a ton of Duolingo levels. As a result, I’m now very wary of full flights that “may” have open seats. In a way, that is why I ended up going to Corpus Christi instead of Boston this weekend.

As soon as we realized we wouldn’t be making it to Boston, Dani and I could only focus on one other destination… the beach. We both grew up in landlocked states, so it’s weird that we took so long into the internship to prioritize the ocean. We picked Corpus Christi because it’s so close to Dallas, keeping the flights were short and sweet. In my head, it was going to be the classier part of Padre Beach.

(I was wrong about the classy part.)

*YOU’RE* I really shouldn’t hold this misspelling against all of Corpus Christi. But it’s such a pet peeve of mine!

So, yeah, the town seems to be falling apart a bit. To be fair, the ocean water really takes a toll on the building, and the spring break crowd had already come and gone. We stayed in the sketchiest hotel I have ever been inside. Luckily, we weren’t there to sight-see, we were there to dig our toes in the sand and watch the waves for a few hours. For that, Corpus Christi was perfect. Even the shabby hotel was only 200 yards from the sand.

Absolutely beautiful morning in Corpus Christi.

I basically spent Saturday relaxing on the beach, enjoying some seafood, writing, and reading. That night we enjoyed a little bar just a few yards from the water, complete with karaoke, giant jenga, and some of the best mojitos I have ever tasted. I truly had a wonderful time. We even made it home fairly early, and I was able to go for a walk at one of the beautiful lakes in the Dallas area.

I always keep a copy of Spirit magazine on hand… Yes, I am a total Southwest nerd. 

Fun, relaxing, and easy. As vacation should be. 🙂

-Rebecca Martineau


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