Empire State of Awe

Your first day as an intern at Southwest Airlines, everyone is asking the same thing… “Where do you want to go first?” As a self-identified small town girl and avid How I Met Your Mother fan, I couldn’t help but dream about visiting the city that never sleeps, New York City. This past weekend, I finally walked through the center of Times Square, rode the Staten Island Ferry, and stood atop the Empire State Building. My mind has officially been blown.

Another intern, Sydni, and I found a promising flight to LaGuardia on Friday night and decided to go for it. We were lucky enough to walk on to a 3:30 flight from Dallas to Houston, and the rest of our journey was a breeze. As our plane floated down from the New York sky I could hardly contain my excitement. It truly felt like entering an alternate reality. Visiting New York is truly like being on a giant movie set.

SO thrilled to finally be in NYC… 

I’m so glad that Sydni was as excited to be in NYC as I was, after dropping our bags off at our AirBnB lodging, we immediately hopped on a subway* to Times Square, arriving around 1 a.m. Standing in the midst of all the bright lights, it felt more like evening than the middle of the night. We walked around briefly, dodging multiple guys who tried to approach us, before taking a taxi back to our temporary home near Colombia.

Wonderful walk through Central Park.

In the morning, we woke early and walked the few blocks to Central Park. The weather on Saturday was phenomenal, especially considering that it snowed the prior weekend. Although disappointed by the lack of greenery, we were able to find some truly beautiful places to view the downtown skyline. We continued walking into the heart of the city, past the Trump Tower, the CNN building, and back through Times Square. There were so many iconic buildings and brands that stood out to us, the original Macy’s, the New York Times, Lion King on Broadway; it was all very commercial.

Amazing views from the Empire State Building.

Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry.

It was a nonstop day of experiences for us, as we tried to fit in as many classic NYC moments as possible. After finishing up the evening with a comedy club (total rip off, they require you to pay extra once you are inside… but it’s the experience that counts), we ended up back at our place happily exhausted.

I will always be a mountain and wilderness girl at heart, but I’m so happy that I was able to experience this amazing place. The opportunity to fly with Southwest Airlines during this internship is an honor. We did get stuck in Austin on the way back, but Sydni’s parents were AMAZING and came from Dallas to pick us up and make sure we got to work on time.

-Rebecca Martineau

*The subway system HATED us. Half the time we tried to ride it, we went the wrong direction. The other half of the time, the station we wanted to go to was closed. Public transportation is not my strong point, but we managed.



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