On Mentoring

I have been joking with a few of the other interns here about how this internship often feels more like studying abroad than growing up, without being abroad. Many of us came from vastly different regions and cultures and we are all here to learn and experience something new. Throw in the weekend travel and everything seems simply “too fun” to count as the real world.

Yesterday I had—what I would consider—my first professional “adult” experience. A few weeks ago, a girl from my alma mater, Kansas State University, contacted me for advice about an upcoming interview with Southwest Airlines. She was flown in for an interview and stayed overnight in a hotel about 15 minutes from headquarters. Knowing how terrified I was before my interview, I took my lunch break to go personally give her a ride from the hotel to her interview. I went over some of the tips and tricks I used during my interview, bought her coffee, and overall tried to make her feel comfortable.

I’m proud to report that she was offered the position, and I was reminded of one of the main goals I have for my career: to become a prominent professional and mentor others. Although this experience was just a simple act of kindness, I look forward to future situations where I can provide valuable advice to emerging communications professionals. J

Current professionals, we need people like you. Your knowledge is more valuable than we can imagine, and will put our college lecture halls to shame. Being able to consult someone who has seen the industry evolve is such a privilege. Personally, I try to talk to as many experienced people as I can.

If I haven’t convinced you, here’s a great Huffington Post article on 7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Mentor.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

-Rebecca Martineau

AP Style tip of the day
Directions and Regions: Capitalize words such as North and South if they refer to places you can stand and say, “I am standing in the ——-.” That means they are nouns referring to regions, and AP says capitalize them as such. When referring to compass directions, such as “I am walking north,” then lower case them.


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