Single Life Bucket List

Typically, I make it a point not to bring up personal things on the internet but I like to write about my life goals publicly so that I am more motivated to complete them. So, here goes. Recently, I realized that I needed to re-enter single life because I have a lot of growing left to do. BUT it’s hard not to panic when part of your life starts to dissipate in front of your eyes. As many people know, I’m quite fond of lists, so one friend pointed out that I should list a few things that I have to complete before I start dating again. The result is the 11 following items, my single life bucket list. Specially designed to help me focus on myself and grow. 🙂

10151742_575399239234284_6313808468641748712_n1) Travel alone.
Because nothing makes you face your inner demons more than being in an unknown city by yourself.

2) Run a half marathon.
Because I’ve always wanted to, and nothing like getting in shape to remind myself that I’m a badass. (Also, it’s conveniently on my other bucket list.)

3) Dye my hair.
Because for some reason, changing how you look makes life changes more manageable.

4) Go to a concert.
Because music soothes the soul.

5) Go on a road trip with no destination.
Because I don’t have to report back to anyone but myself.

6) Volunteer. (check!)
Because giving back to society makes me feel whole.

7) Befriend someone on an airplane.
Because small talk is an invaluable skill and friends are good.

8) Attend 5 different churches.
Because religion is a beautiful expression of faith and loyalty.

9) Watch the sunrise. (check!)
Because it’s magical and amazing that the sun is there for me every single morning and I never take time to appreciate it.

10) Buy someone else’s meal.
Because it will make their day.

11) Read these 10 books.
Because apparently being 20 is hard and I have a lot to learn about life still.


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