Southwest Lifestyle


(My Southwest roommates and I!)

I am proud to report that somewhere among all of the chaos of last month, I have moved to Dallas and started an internship with Southwest Airlines! This has truly been my dream internship since my sophomore year, when I made the decision that if I couldn’t be a flight attendant, I could at least write for the in-flight magazine. (Disclaimer, I actually write for internal publications, but close enough!) It’s been such an amazing experience to explore the culture of this wonderful company. 14,000 people applied for a position as a Spring intern, but I am one of the 90 students actually working here this semester. 

Although I am not working in a “PR” focused area, I am still learning so much about the strategies that Southwest used to communicate with all of their different stakeholders. Because the company is predominantly unionized, the many different internal employees are broken down into groups; flight attendants, pilots, customer service agents, ramp operations, cargo employees, and more. Each group has their own unique ways of communicating, and our job is to reach out to them in an appropriate manner. 

I adore every day I get to spend with this company. Southwest truly cares about their reputation within the airline industry and we try to be sure that everything we do reflects our commitment to our customers. 

I’m also loving the Dallas area. I feel as if this city has more to offer me than any previous place that I have lived. Assuming I don’t end up as a permanent Southwest employee, I will be interested in diving into the PR scene in this community. Countless agencies are in the area, and there are so many opportunities for someone as enthusiastic as I am. 

This past weekend I used my Southwest flight privileges to visit Nashville, after snow storms in New Orleans caused an abrupt change of plans. Its wonderful to work with other interns who are as excited about travel as I am. (Or at least close.) I really plan to document more of my travel adventures and learning experiences over the next few months. 

Hands down, the most rewarding thing about this internship is that I truly feel honored to have this opportunity. It gives me faith that the future of my career is so bright if I just work hard and fight for positions that I want. 🙂



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