Graduation and my brief adventure in Neverland

In three days I will be walking across a stage in Bramlage collesium in order to receive my diploma. (Kind of, the diploma actually comes in the mail a few weeks… er, months, later.) Only three days, and I still can’t process that I’m actually graduating. What happened to my infinite youth!?


In all honestly, going to college was like a brief trip in Neverland. You befriend lost students, party with people from all backgrounds, and occasionally battle an exam, or worse, a group project. And the exams, like captain hook, are often accompanied with the inevitable ticking clock.

I have multiple friends with plenty of time left in college.  Isn’t that the life? Neverland forever. When telling people that I’m graduating early I often lament that my time here was cut short. I “messed up” and took too many classes. I’m running out of money for tuition.

However, with a fantastic internship ahead of me, as well as a few other adventures planned, I have to admit that graduating early wasn’t an accident. I perform best when I’m extremely busy. I have a strange love for the responsibility and accountability involved. I can’t wait to prove myself, not with multiple choice tests, but actions. In a society when the average time in college is 5 years, I finished in 3.5. I’m proud of that.

I guess that makes me Wendy. I will always love Neverland, but in the end, I’m ready to see what’s in the real world.

Well, that, and I’m running out of money. 😉


One thought on “Graduation and my brief adventure in Neverland

  1. I’m exactly the same way. I always do better with a ton on my plate. I graduated high school early, was one credit away from graduating college early (oops, on my part), and now I’m graduating grad school early. I think that comes from being in the field of PR though. Everything is fast pace and we work best in environments like that.

    Congrats on graduating and good luck with everything to come!

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