‘Tis the season… for holiday bullshit

Although many people, myself included, groan at the idea of Christmas commercials before Thanksgiving, the inevitable truth is that Christmas season has officially begun. And with it, roll in dozens of terribly executed Christmas campaigns. Some companies, like Hershey’s, simply give up and use the same commercial as last year. (Yes, I noticed.) Others try their very best to come up with a creative spin on the same themes year after year. The Night Before Christmas, last minute moments of panic, you’ll be the coolest parent/spouse/friend ever, etc.

All hope is not lost, however. Every year a few select campaigns stand out, and as silly and unprofessional as it may sound, 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit did just that.


Here’s the deal, the popular adult party game Cards Against Humanity has assured 10,000 people that if they pay $12, they will be rewarded with 12 surprise presents during the month of December. For background reference, Cards Against Humanity is a vulgar and often offensive game with rules similar to Apples to Apples. The game can be purchased or downloaded for free from their website. As for the holiday promotion? The game creators give no guarantee that gifts will even be mailed, and even warn anyone interested that if they don’t like their gift, “your expectations for the quality of your life are too high?”

Nevertheless, the 10,000 available slots sold out in less than a day.

Wired quotes Cards Against Humanity co-founder Max Temkin in saying: “We’re a very small, independent company, so it’s hard for us to compete for attention during the holidays, when all the huge companies spend millions of dollars doing all kinds of crazy advertising. So, we always like to come up with something kind of clever and kind of weird and kind of dumb, just to remind people that we exist around the holidays.”

Clever, kind of weird and kind of dumb.

I couldn’t have explained it better myself. Thanks for making me laugh today, Cards Against Humanity.


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