The Scary Real World

ImageMy wonderful friend Kassidi (right) and I after attending the K-State career fair…

I know that my senior year of college is probably not the best time to be slacking off when it comes to this blog, but this past month I have been pouring every moment of writing inspiration that I might have in to cover letters. Unfortunately, the only thing that has come from this is the exact lesson that “adults” have been trying to warn me about for the past year… the real world isn’t going to be easy.

Some days I wonder why I am putting this much stress in my life for an internship, when I will have to start the process all over again for a “real” job in August. I honestly thought I would have next semester figured out by November, but here I am finishing up another cover letter for a position I didn’t even know existed a month ago.

That may sound like a complaint, but it’s not. I assumed I would work in Kansas City, but as I broaden my search, I am finding more agencies that seem to have amazing values, goals and strategies. Whether it is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or New York City, one of these agencies is going to see me as an opportunity to add a new perspective into their work place. I absolutely cannot wait to learn from them.

You could say that I will get worn out eventually, or that I just haven’t applied enough places to be jaded… Yet even on the days where I start to feel terrified, I haven’t forgotten what I want to do in this world. My excitement and passion never came from assuming it would be easy. I just know I’m up for the challenge.


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