Caution: Opportunities Ahead

(The lovely banner I designed for our internal website.)

The technology transfer division that I work in has decided to launch a re-branding effort for August! (Que groans from employees.) That’s right, the already vague title of “Technology Transfer” is about to get even weirder. However, I am not concerned. On the contrary, I am probably the only person in the entire office who is jumping up and down in excitement.

The whole meeting went something like this:

“OOH! Does that mean I get to design a banner?”
“Can I write the press release?”
“Let’s come up with a logo, and a tagline!”

When I made the decision to come back to the same internship as summers past, I could only pray that there would be new and exciting work. What could possibly be more new and exciting than a company re-brand? Since my lovely mentor is already overwhelmed with assignments, it’s looking like I will get to play an important role in this occasion.

So much learning!

In other news, since I am supposed to be keeping a weekly journal about my activities, the bi-annual report is coming along splendidly. I asked my boss about writing opportunities and she tasked me with the directors letter. I’m pretty honored, and intimidated. However, most of my work over the next few days will involve metrics to break down the ROI and economic impact of our programs. Oh, and I’ve been updating both the TT website and the NMSBA website. I am certainly not bored.



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