Technology Transfer Round 3

Although it seems just days ago I was packing up my apartment to head home, in reality summer is already flying by. I’m already at week two, out of a mere eight, with my main summer internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I really hesitated to return this summer, lately it seems that potential employers care more about the width of your experience rather than your depth. (This would be why I picked up a few extra hours weekly with the visitors bureau in town, helping their marketing team.) However, just a few days back and I have been reminded about the variety of work I have been able to do within this department. Hopefully when I start job interviews in the next few months I will be able to prove myself. (Eek!)

I’m not running errands or doing simple edits anymore. In fact, I have been tasked with the entire bi-annual report! Although most of the stories have been collected already, the actual publication is up to me. This is a huge deal to me and I am so excited to get the ball rolling. In addition to the report, I will be working on various web development projects and brochures for companies and technologies that work with my division.

Since my work this semester will count towards “internship” credit at K-State I am required to keep a log of the work and challenges that I face. Therefore, while the rest of PR world might be buzzing with information about Facebook’s new #hashtags, my blog will focus on life in the science communications industry, and frustrations I may have.

(Who decided that any scientific publication has to be BLUE? How do I present information on a couple hundred patents in an interesting and engaging way? Also, how do I make an article about biochemistry simple enough that everyone can understand it? These are all questions I will face in the upcoming weeks.)

Stay tuned. đŸ˜‰


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