Bucket Lists and Wanderlust

At the end of last summer I tried to start a second blog “Pursuing Adventure.” As we have seen over the past few months, maintaining one blog is hard enough, and my adventure blog quickly fell behind. I certainly would love to just travel blog all the time, but for someone who is a world traveler, I am also a fairly serious work-a-holic. I’m only 20, and I am certainly still “finding myself,” but the qualities of a vagabond seem to heavily contrast the qualities of a work-a-holic. Somehow I still believe I can be the VP of PR for a global company as well as a global wanderer.

Basically, my future seems to be all heels, Starbucks and social media on the weekdays but hostels, flip-flops and no-cell-phone-service on vacations.

Anyways, I think that in my pursuit of PR, I am also in pursuit of myself. I’m in pursuit of world travel, changing lives and new experiences in order to become both more understanding and creative. Therefore, you can now find a “Bucket List” tab on the top of this blog.

Hopefully I will continue to provide relevant PR connections that I find in the media. This new addition simply means that I also hope to entertain you with my adventures down the road and around the world as I figure out how to be a vagabond/work-a-holic.

As far as the bucket list goes, let me know what I’m missing! Where should I go? What should I do? How can I make myself better?

-Rebecca Martineau


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