Lessons from Spring 2013

I will be honest, this has NOT been my most successful semester. By a long shot. There’s plenty of excuses I could make, but in reality I probably got cocky. After finding out I could graduate in December, I focused more on my current internship and social life than I did my classes. College is an excellent time to learn balance, and this is a lesson I won’t forget.

Not to be over-dramatic. My GPA will not suffer much, and I’ve certainly learned so much this semester. My greatest concern is that I wasn’t able to preform my best in important classes. Still, both my crisis communications and PR campaigns classes gave me new knowledge that will be so valuable in the real world. Hopefully I will crank out some excellent blog posts about these topics in the future.

I’ve made the decision to return to LANL for the third summer internship in a row. It was very hard to turn down the adventures that could await in an agency internship, but it may be the last time I get to spend more than a week in my hometown. I know and love the experiences at LANL and I know that I will face different challenges this summer than I have in the past. In addition, I will be able to work part-time at the chamber of commerce, gaining additional experience in tourism. I seem to think I can manage 50 hours/week this summer, so it should be an interesting ride. đŸ™‚

In the fall it is back to my last semester at K-State. It’s crazy to think about where my life might go after graduation. Travel, volunteerism and big-kid jobs are all such interesting options. Only time will tell.




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