Happy Birthday Blog!


Pursuing PR is officially one year old! What a great experience this year has been. In honor of this event I will share some of the personal benefits I have found during my blogging experience.

1) I understand more about what is going on in the world of PR. Having this blog means always watching the news channels for interesting articles to share and comment on. The biggest benefit from this actually takes place later in my classrooms when I can cite relevant facts and articles that I have read on my own time that apply to class discussions.

2) It motivates me to have conversations with other PR students from around the country. I try to engage with other students and professionals who have similar interests as me in order to make this blog better. I am happy to say I have met some really interesting people this way, and I hope I continue to meet awesome people.

3) Last but not least, I am definitely more comfortable with my writing skills. I cannot stress enough how great a blog can be for developing your own writing style, while learning about AP style.

I hope that I continue to collect PR nerds like myself to this site to share ideas. Thanks for reading!

And now for some flash back blog posts: Irrationality, Pinterest and Food Service. Enjoy!



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