Campaigns for… Wheat?


I have never been a fan of winter. Something about the cold air just makes me want to curl up on the couch and watch re-runs of How I Met Your Mother… which is NOT good when I’m juggling work, classes, and extra curricular commitments. I had a very terrifying moment earlier this week when my Campaigns teacher incorrectly entered grades, resulting in a 40% for me. Definitely kicked me into high gear, so I have decided to take full leadership of my group.

The campaigns class works by randomly selecting groups of students and assigning them to a real campaign issue from someone in the community. There were a few awesome options, such as the zoo or the discovery center, and then there was wheat.

To be honest, I do not find wheat interesting. I do not want to try to promote a new strain of wheat. I definitely did not come to K-State for the agriculture connections.

Obviously, my opinion is of no importance in this matter. By the end of April I am going to know more about wheat than anyone in the JMC school. It’s going to make a really great interview story in the future.

I’m making this declaration now to motivate myself over the next few weeks. This blog is going to hold me accountable! (I’ll let you know how it turns out.)



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