Getting Involved with #TwitterChats

It’s Wednesday! Although it is not my favorite day of the week by any means, over the past month I’ve found a new guilty pleasure in one of the weekly twitter chats… #BareItAll.

I can’t actually remember how I noticed this conversation at first. In a nutshell, the chat is moderated by Jeff Barret, CEO of Status Creative in Michigan. Every Wednesday around 1PM central time, he organizes questions for PR professionals to muse over. I think his goal was to encourage us to “bare” all of our thoughts on the topics, but sometimes the chat ends up drawing some rogue nudity tweets. (Wait, what?)

I’ve seen twitter chats pop up in the “trending” bar for a while now, but never quite knew how to get involved. I also thought that my opinion would be a bit invalid, considering I am only a junior in college and not a prestigious professional. I was very wrong. The community is incredibly accepting. I have learned a lot from the weeks I participated, as well as gained some new followers. In a way, it’s “networking for beginners” with the bonus of sharing our passion for PR and marketing.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the chat today because of an overwhelming workload, but here is an example of the conversation from last week. (Thanks to Mike Miller for putting this together.) Notice my Twitter handle, becca0mae, pops up a few times!

If you want to get involved in #BareItAll, or one of the many, many other twitter chats that take place weekly (#RaganSocial, #BrandChat, #PRChat, #PR20Chat and more) then there are only a few simple steps you need to follow.

1) Follow the conversation from an outside site that tracks the hashtag. I used, which was FAR easier than trying to keep up on Twitter. You can click through to the site at any time to retweet and reply, but it’s the best tool for staying up to date on the conversation.

2) Know as much about the theme and question as you can before the discussion starts. The conversation will move very fast!

3) Announce that you will be participating. This is mostly to warn your followers about the incoming wave of tweets that may look like nonsense to them.

4) Be polite and respectful. Don’t self-promote. Don’t use the hashtag on outside conversations.

That’s it. It’s so easy to get involved… and SO worth an hour of your time. I hope to talk to you in the future!



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