Don’t Stop Writing


One aspect of PR that I have always loved is how forward focused the profession is. During the month of January I read countless stories on the future of PR as we become an increasingly digital society. In many ways, we are simply expanding the already broad definition that PR encompasses. We are ever changing, and that is awesome.

However, there are many times that people only see what they want to see when it comes to the future of PR. For many of my classmates, that means focusing on the social media and event planning aspects. When my professor explains, time and time again, that writing will always be one of our most important tasks, it falls on deaf ears. However, as this article clearly states: “No, the Press Release is Not Dead.

Yes, the world around us evolving. No, that doesn’t mean we get to ditch the traditional. It’s so simple really, identify your audience and use whatever tactics prove most efficient to reach them.

If you need tips on how to keep your press releases from getting boring, check the aforementioned article. Elizabeth Mitchell draws from a few other sources to illustrate the importance of this traditional PR tactic.

As for the writing dilemma? The best way to become a better writer is to practice. The more comfortable you are with your work, the easier it gets, making the task of editing less tedious.

-Rebecca Martineau


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