I Freaking Love Social Media

On Monday I was voted up from Treasurer to Social Media Manager for my PRSSA chapter. I am soooo excited to finally have an outlet to practice different techniques of engagement as well as learn more about the sociology behind social media. This does mean a slight change for this blog, as I may often post things here that I wrote originally for the Powercat PR blog.

During my speech for the position I mentioned briefly the dream I have to make our social media pages less about “What PRSSA is doing,” but instead, “Why PR is awesome.” To illustrate my point, I mentioned my favorite Facebook page, “I Fucking Love Science.” How is it that a page with such a vulgar name could reach such immense popularity? I did a bit of research.


The page was created in March 2012 by Elise Andrew, a Biology student at the time. In only six months the page had reached 1 million followers. Today, after only 10 months, the page is just shy of 3 million. Andrew did not have any media training at the time, she simply created the page out of boredom to entertain her friends. As a result, she is just as baffled, and overwhelmed by the huge reaction the page has garnered from the world of Facebook.

One of the first things that draws people to the website IS the name. Social media is dominated by the young and rebellious, and something that socially “unaccepted” catches our attention. Next, people love the pictures. Andrew does a fantastic job of picking eye catching photos with every post, along with a short blurb and a link to original articles across the internet. The posts that might not be informative, are at least humorous, incorporating memes and jokes from popular sites such as Reddit.

The thing that is so great about this site is that Andrews passion shows through. It is definitely authentic. She captures the attention of the “young and restless” and draws them towards the amazing wonders of science.

Obviously I am not going to change our PRSSA page into “I fucking love PR.” (Although, I just checked and there isn’t a page for that yet. Anyone want to co-manage one with me? I am mildly obsessed with PR.) However, I do think I can incorporate passion, eye-catching photos, and humor into our social media outlets. Now let’s see if I can back up all this talk with some actions. 😉



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