Google Plus: Still Kicking.


When Facebook came out, I was slow to make the transition from Myspace.

When Twitter came out, I refused until it was required for a class.

When Google + came out, I got one as fast as I could.

Now, about a year and a half after Google + went public, it’s my least used platform. I’ve been assuming it would fizzle out, but recent articles across the internet warn businesses and PR folk alike not to discount it’s impact.

In her article 5 Reasons to Quit Ignoring Google +, Meghan Sullivan lists some pretty important statistics. Not only is the Google + button used more than five billion times a day, but websites with this button generate 3.5x the Google + visits as sites without the button. This platform truly is the most efficient for sharing your interests with your social groups.

Although Google + does seem a bit overrun by marketers and tech nerds, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of a social media platform that is integrated with everything you already love about the internet. There are communities and hangouts to connect with people you ordinarily might not meet, search integration to help you find specific results recommended by Google + users, and if someone searches your name your Google + account shows up before anything else.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this article: Plus-One This: Proof the Google Plus Will Prevail.  The author, Dave Llorens, points out right away that Google’s success cannot be defined by whether or not they “overtake” Facebook, because that was never their intent. The goal of Google + was, exactly as I mentioned before, to integrate it seamlessly into everything else the public loves about Google. It’s more than a social marketing tool, its a tool for conquering the internet. As Llorens points out, Google + is simply a tool that Google is using to better serve your internet needs, starting with the things you search.

Mind blown.

Google + is slowly working it’s way into the internet because it’s not a fad. People aren’t joining to be cool, like I finally did with Facebook years ago, they are joining because it simply makes more sense.

While you consider all of this, I am going to go update my Google + page.  Which, for future reference is here: Rebecca Martineau


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