PR People to Follow on Twitter


Despite my original reservations, I have become extremely fond of Twitter. I enjoy being able to follow people without being exposed to their entire life story, and it’s fun when companies tweet back at you. I also find most of my PR related articles and stories via Twitter, as they are passed along by professionals much more important than I.

A really important part of PR is being knowledgeable about what is going on in the world around you. Therefore, I recently put together a list of the top 5 people I suggest following on Twitter, in case you’re interested in the articles I don’t end up re-tweeting or posting about!

1) Marketing/PR Jobs- @MarketJobsUSA
Obviously it’s great to have a resource like this when you are on the job hunt, but even more than my actual interest in getting a job is my interest in how the job market is doing. It’s great to have so many PR jobs pop up in my news feed, and it’s always useful to read up on what employers are looking for in potential hires.

2) Mark Ragan- @MarkRaganCEO
Between PR Daily and you will find plenty of up-to-date PR news in your Twitter feed, and Mark Ragan tweets about both. Definitely worth following for anyone interested in PR.

3) Lauren K. Gray- @laurenkgray
Lauren is the PRSSA National President, so she does an excellent job keeping up to date with PR articles and tips. She also releases a daily report with stories she finds interesting. I may be a little bit biased because she featured Pursuing PR on there once, but I definitely think she’s a useful person to follow!

4) Springboard PR- @PRtips
Another feed with great tips and articles. They do a great job responding to people who interact with them as well.

5) David Almacy- @almacy
Another user who releases a daily report, along with the interesting information he finds during the day. He works for Edelman, so we all know he must be pretty knowledgeable. 😉

Honorable mention–> Me! @becca0mae
I often re-tweet the interesting articles from everyone mentioned above me, along with new blog posts on here. As long as you don’t mind the occasional declarations of love for K-State, you might find some of my content interesting!


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