Proving Ourselves


During my holiday shopping over the last few weeks I often have the opportunity to declare “marketing!” as my friends clamor to get the best and most expensive products for themselves and their loved ones. At one point I even jokingly pointed out to my boyfriend that if it wasn’t for people like him, determined to buy the most superior product, people like me wouldn’t have a job.

Why is it then, that a recent study found that 80 percent of CEO’s say they ‘don’t really trust’ the work done by marketers? Eighty percent, that’s incredibly disconcerting because I see the results from marketing and public relations every day.

To be fair, the whole claim is centered around the idea that it is often hard for marketers to calculate ROI or provide statistical research to prove that their methods are truly benefiting a company. This claim is reasonable, considering that one-third of marketing professionals admit to not calculating ROI at all.

Obviously then, we should recognize that the first step to proving ourselves as professionals is research. Explain to your supervisors what research backs up your communications plan before it begins, and calculate the effectiveness of your campaign after it takes place.  We aren’t wizards, and the best way to gain trust is to be transparent throughout the process.

As a student, or any one on the job hunt, the best way to present yourself as an effective worker is the adapt your resume to reflect numbers showing how your work has made a difference. I distributed a news release to X sources, Y used it. The number of interactions on our Facebook page has increased by Z since I started working with it. This simple change shows employers that you are considering the bottom line, as well as the work behind it.

As Andrew Freeman said at the PRSSA conference, and something I have mentioned before, PR is not an area where you will get an A for effort. It’s all about results. It’s not easy, and I wouldn’t even say its fair, but it’s what you signed up for so you might as well be the best.


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