Top 25 Technologies from 2012

As a total technology nerd, here is an article I just couldn’t resist sharing.

Top 25 Technologies from 2012

The author of this article, Charlie White writes: “Each one of the devices, designs and ideas in the gallery above showed me something that can change the world, something that’s different from anything that came before, or a product that has taken past ideas and refined them to an extraordinary level.”

Considering the topic of my lone of my last posts, The Apple Empire, you can imagine I was weighing the results on a PC vs. Apple scale.  PC seems in the lead with the Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 but Apple picks up the slack landing three products in the top 10, the Macbook Pro with Retina Display being number one. (The iPad 4 was 4th and the iPhone 5 was 10th.) It would seem that, according the White, Apple is not losing touch but continuing to produce first-class technologies.

From a personal viewpoint, I can’t help but admire the Windows 8 design. (This is coming from an Apple fan remember…) Has anyone actually used the platform? Is it as cool as it looks? I really hope that Apple has some new ideas up it’s sleeve for 2013.  Being number one in this industry is an honor reserved for those constantly impressing the crowds, not keeping them comfortable.

Overall, there are so many amazing technologies on this list. I’m certainly glad to see the Mars rover, Curiosity, getting more great publicity. I’m also incredibly impressed by the IBM 500-mile battery.  In the end though, I think my favorite technology is the Google Project Glass.  If you haven’t heard about this yet, definitely look into it.  I honestly don’t feel like this is a technology that I need in my life at all, I am just captivated by the possibilities.  It looks straight out of a movie!

I can’t wait to see where these products go in the next year, or what crazy new things these powerful companies come up with next.


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