DC Adventures

(Newseum is pictured above.)

It’s Thanksgiving break this week for me, and I’ve elected to spend my week off in our nations capital city, Washington DC.  I’ve been a pretty big adventurer all my life, but this will be the first time I’ve actually made it to the US capital.  My aunt recently moved here as her military assignment and I decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

We’ve had a lot of fun visiting all of the monuments around the mall area.  I’ve never been a very patriotic person, but something about huge memorials to inspiring people and events in history just makes me proud to be American.  I’ve even been motivated to start a project where I finish an autobiography of one influential person per month for the next year… starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Since I’m only here for a few days we decided to pick one museum to really spend time in, rather than rush through all of the Smithsonian’s.  We settled on the Newseum, and what an excellent choice!  This museum focuses on the history of Journalism in the US, with everything from FBI conflicts to photojournalism.  The Pulitzer prize exhibit almost brought me to tears because it was so powerful.

This museum really spoke to me about how important the first amendment has been in the building of this awesome nation, as well as journalism as a whole.  Obviously you read about the difference that free speech has had on our history, but seeing pieces of the world trade center and the berlin wall really brought it all to life.

What makes journalism so powerful is how it appeals to “truth.”  But in a world that seems exceedingly less black and white every year, we need all forms of communication to make sure information is shared appropriately. I love that I get to be a part of that.



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