K-State Family

I didn’t pick a school in the middle of nowhere so that I could one day brag about my football team.  In fact, we have always been the underdogs.  NO ONE expected K-State to be number 1 in the BCS Rankings right now.  Except maybe a little old man that taught a whole community to believe. (Thanks Bill Snyder.)

I honestly never used to be a sports fan either… but there is something about a stadium section packed with students brought together by pride that is irresistible.  Does this video not give you chills? There is also something to be said about how no matter where I go, it can be a source of conversation.

The pride and loyalty in this family runs deep.  One of the main reasons I picked K-State is because this dedication was apparent even in their alumni.  We have the number 8 happiest campus (Princeton Review.) Kansas kids are down-to-earth, hardworking, and honest.  Even if my football team loses tomorrow I will be SO proud of all of them. And I do believe that we all deserve to brag a little bit.

EMAW. #1


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