Spring 2013

I have officially enrolled in classes for next semester! It’s so humorous how enrolling in classes always makes me excited to devote 110% to my classwork at the exact time as my motivation begins to nosedive in the current semester. Oh well, I will survive! Anyways, here are the classes I am taking and why I am excited (or not) to be signed up for them.

Geography of Tourism– Well A) it’s about tourism, something I am so dedicated to and interested in! Also, if this is anything like the Human Geography class I took in high school it means we will be looking at real social trends and issues that most people don’t notice. My boyfriend also mentioned a few times that it’s the best class he took in college, and he’s a mechanical engineer.

Travel and Tourism PR– Yeah, I may be overloading on the travel classes.  I better start planning my next foreign adventure so that I can handle these classes without disappearing for a few weeks halfway through the semester. This class is also taught by one of my current professors, Barb DeSanto, who is endearingly loopy and incredibly smart.  I really enjoy listening to her.

PR Campaigns– This is actually the highest level PR class I will take before graduating.  Technically I skipped Strategy and Planning to get here, but I know this class will give me an excellent perspective before my summer internship.  It will be great to take senior year easy as well.

Visual Media Production Basics– I was signed up to take this class this semester and dropped it just a few days past the withdraw date, meaning I have to now re-take it and save my transcript.  I love that this class will give me more experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign… but I am not a huge fan of the professor.  The photography class I took from him previously lacked any real challenges.

Intro to Computer Programming– This class is required if I want to get a Bachelor of Science.  I’m not necessarily looking forward to it, but I do think that it could provide me with some unique knowledge that I haven’t been previously exposed it.  I did use some website design when I worked at LANL and could definitely have used some background knowledge.

Social Psychology– Another class I am super excited for! I’ve wanted to take this class since I decided to be a psychology focus, yet somehow its the last class I’m taking to finish that outside concentration.  As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog and in life, social psychology has so much to offer anyone trying to understand public relations.  It will be a very engaging class.


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