Will Myspace Comeback?

About a month ago Myspace, the social network we all knew and loved before Facebook, released a video to showcase the upgrades being made to the site.  As someone who was always a fan of the extra customization the site offers, I was excited to see if Myspace could actually pull back some of the users who had flocked to Facebook years ago.

The video is impressive.  Myspace has been put down for lacking the professionalism associated with Facebook, but in this video they seem to stress that professionalism isn’t what they are going for.  Instead, they focus on the only aspect of their site that is still alive, music. Myspace radio is rumored to be similar to Pandora, without the commercials or skip limits. The new Myspace design is also innovative.  The picture displays remind me of Pinterest and the connections echo Linkedin, but the visual design is entirely their own.

Unfortunately, it’s been a month and I haven’t heard a peep from the general public regarding a switch back to Myspace.  Did this new look fail?

Even though the re-launch drew in new users, statistics from SRDS.com suggest that users are on the decline. Another interesting point is that this is the third time that Myspace has revamped their design, and as appealing as the video is their brand image has become a bit of a joke.

“Myspace is trying desperately to change into a go-to music website that happens to have social networking capabilities. This is something users can get from every single other popular website, including the heavyweights Twitter and Facebook,” complained an article on Pegasus News.

In many ways they are right. The fact is people are already overloaded with social media sites.  You want me to balance Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Foursquare AND Myspace? Forget about it.  I already have Spotify and Pandora.

Personally, I don’t believe there is going to be a “next big thing” in social media anytime soon.  I know that’s a pretty bold thing to say, especially since Facebook seems to be losing users as well.  Still, the next big thing should merge the platforms already available.  Think HootSuite, but more integrated and visually appealing.

Google + had a fantastic idea with the circles, the search integration and the group “hangouts,” but they couldn’t get all of my friends to join and now I never use it.  I just want someone to take all of the accounts I already own and throw them together in an attractive, easy to use way.  Who’s up for the challenge?

I seriously encourage thoughts and comments on this topic! What do you think about Myspace?

Do you think there’s a better platform out there?

How about my integration idea?

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