Interview Tips

One goal of mine this October, as you might have noticed, is to make sure that I am completely prepared to start applying for internships. Continuing with that theme I want to tackle what I consider to be one of the hardest areas of the job hunt.

The interview.

I’ve hated interviews ever since I first had to endure sorority recruitment. I guess that’s one of the first times I realized how quickly people will make a judgement about you. Recruitment is ruthless, and the job hunt isn’t any easier.

One of the best ways to have a successful interview is to be totally prepared.  Research the company, Look the part and get there early, and definitely make sure you know your answers to these top three tough questions…

1) “What are your weaknesses?” Are you kidding me? No one wants to answer this question. Still, make sure that you are honest when you answer this one.  Your honesty make you stand out as an authentic person. Then, be sure to give ways that you are actively trying to improve on that aspect.

2) “Why did you leave your last job?” “Because I hated it” is not an acceptable answer to this one.  Try hard to identify details about the company that didn’t mesh with your personality, while keeping a positive outlook on the organization as a whole.  It doesn’t make you look good to trash talk former employers, similar to how you don’t want to date a guy who claims that ALL of his ex-girlfriends are crazy.

3) “Tell me about a time when…” This is a hard question to plan for, because anything can follow this phrase.  Make sure to have a few successful situations in the back of your mind that address both a problem and a resolution.  These examples can be used to illustrate creativity, problem solving skills and even how you deal with conflict.

(For more tips on behavioral questions, see: Interview Tips- Behavioral Questions)

If you want to work for an honest, authentic company, make sure to embrace those values during a job interview.  How can an employer expect you to successfully communicate on behalf of their company if you can’t successfully communicate your true self?


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