Creativity, Technology and Humanity: PRSSA

(Lauren Swirbul, PowercatPR’s president and I enjoying a local coffee shop.  I borrowed this picture, as well as the one from yesterday, from Fred and the PowercatPR Blog.)

Yesterday was another day of lectures over here in San Francisco, not that I’m complaining… at all.  It was another day of incredibly inspiring speakers and PR enthusiasm.  I’ve certainly been blowing up both Twitter and Facebook with my excitement in hearing from the celebrities of Twitter, GolinHarris and more.

The day was opened with a “Living Legends” keynote by Fred Cook and Peter Debreceny.  I was pleasantly surprised by the unique advice we recieved from this panel discussion.  Often career advice is very standard.  Obviously we need to try and stand out, be aggressive and establish meaningful connections.  This panel was different.  They stressed specializing in an area of communion, the most important of which being analytics, creativity and technology.  It was so interesting to hear the perspective of such important people in the PR world on topics such as the future of PR and this ever-changing field.

Another incredibly exciting lecture we were able to attend was from the Co-Founder of Twitter, Biz Stone.  We were all very mind blown by the opportunity, as well as the enormity of the PRSA conference rooms.  (PRSA is hosting a conference about a block away from PRSSA this weekend as well, our groups were combined for this event..) Biz’s talk was incredibly inspiring, as he discussed failure, technology and corporate social innovation. One important point that he shared with us is that we need to start determining success as not only financial, but also through positive outcome and joy.

Overall it was a great day.  We were finished around 4:00PM in the afternoon and spent the evening exploring San Francisco, the Fisherman’s Wharf and eating delicious seafood.

-Rebecca Martineau


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