Bridging the Gap: PRSSA

The PowercatPR team and I are having a fantastic time at the National Conference!  I cannot believe I have only been in San Francisco for a day and a half.  I have already learned SO much from this experience and we are barely getting started.  I sincerely have 5 pages of notes typed up from the sessions I have attended already!  It’s also just an amazing experience to be surrounded by people with interests to similar to my own!  The passion here is contagious, and I am loving it.

One of the things I am most excited about are the chapter development ideas that I have been collecting.  When I agreed to be treasurer for the group I assumed it would be a fairly simple task but I am already getting so drawn into it!  I have been brainstorming with other chapters about events that might help engage other PR students, such as crisis communications simulations and networking events.  Not only am I certain that I want to hold an executive position next year as well, but I hope to make the post of treasurer into more than just collecting dues.  Hopefully our PRSSA chapter will be able to fundraise more in the future so that other students will have the opportunity to attend this conference in the future.

Other seminars have been helping me fine tune the areas of PR that I am most interested in.  For example, an Integrated Marketing Communications lecture really helped me evaluate how I perceive and define PR in relation to my goals in life.  Although I often describe my role in PR as a communications manager and representative of the company as a whole, the lecture focused on PR’s role in influencing decision-making at the highest levels of business.  This is definitely something I want to focus on as a goal when I start my climb on the career ladder.  I definitely want to be seen as a trusted advisor to the top departments in a company, which may be why I feel more strongly towards corporate PR as opposed to agency work.

The last seminar that really inspired me was an Andrew Freeman & Co. presentation on Hospitality PR and Marketing.  With my passion for travel and tourism I have also always felt connected to hospitality platforms.  I definitely appreciated how excited the staff was about all of the aspects of their job, as well as how straight forward with their advice they were.  Andrew Freeman himself emphasized that in PR there is no “A for effort.”  In PR we work to generate results and change the world.  You can’t just try, you have to actually make an impact on the world.  Heads in beds, butts in seats.

As much of a PR high I may have right now, I really need to get to bed so I can be just as peppy for the speakers tomorrow.  I’ll try to update again tomorrow!

-Rebecca Martineau


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