On the Job Hunt

Guess what! It’s officially October! Believe it or not, if you’re a college student like me it is already time to start thinking about summer internships.

October is definitely the most stressful month out of the year for me. Between midterms, the PRSA conference, Alpha Chi Omega initiation, homecoming week, Halloween and the general homesickness that starts to kick in, I can hardly wrap my head around resumes and applications.  Nevertheless, here are a few tricks (and treats) that you should start using now to be prepared for your ultimate summer internship.

1) Start researching places that you want to apply. Make sure you know all of the deadlines for your dream internship, the last thing that you want to do is ruin your chances by missing the application date. Big companies with lots of applicants, such as Google, do start taking applications as early as October.

2) Update your resume. Whether or not any of the internships you’re interested have deadlines creeping up, take the time to update your resume. The longer you wait to make the little changes the more you will have to remember down the road. It’s easy to forget some of the projects you may have done in the past that could potentially help you win over employers. Check out this site for some hints on creating an awesome resume.

3) Start networking. This is always overwhelming for me. Luckily there are tools like LinkedIn and Twitter that can help you.  At the very least make sure you have an online presence on these sites, then you can use these tips to help proactively reach out to people.

Don’t get caught unprepared in May!  Each of these tips are simple and easy now, and will definitely help further down the road.  The best internships probably won’t be the ones you find last minute.

Feel free to share other simple tips I might have left out, and why they are so important!



One thought on “On the Job Hunt

  1. Great Post! I’ve been so caught up with course work and exams that I haven’t found the time to devote to internships. This gave me a little reminder that I need to start NOW. These are excellent point made, and I will definitely take all of them into consideration when starting this stressful process. Thanks!

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