Nerds Like Us

This is a bit of a stream of consciousness post, I apologize ahead of time for the small rant that I go into…

I adore John Green. In case you don’t know, he is the author of one of my ALL TIME favorite books, Looking for Alaska.  I consider him to be up there with J.K. Rowling and Sarah Dessen, writing young adult novels that continue to, not only have valid lessons, but motivate me to be a little bit more passionate in the way I live my life… at any age.

Backing up to the topic of nerds though…
I have come to terms with the fact that I am a PR nerd.  I used to think that you were only a nerd if you liked math or science, but that is exceptionally untrue.  I am a psychology nerd, a book nerd, and more than anything, a PR/communications nerd.

I guess I used to think that everyone was this excited about their major. Recently, when I have met PR majors outside the college and declared my love for my classes I have received some strange looks, which upsets me.  I think people should be passionate about what they are doing, for multiple reasons.

1) If you’re not passionate about it, why are you here?  I hate that society pressures students into college right after high school.  It seems to add up to unnecessary debt and a dull future career.  If you don’t know where you want to be take a year off, dabble around in a few community college classes, work and save up money.

2) You’re competition.  I ran cross country in high school and the first race, when I was super slow, I would notice people in the race who would walk, sprint, walk, sprint.  When these people passed me at the finish line, I would be furious.  I’m in PR for the whole marathon.  I do not plan on stopping to walk.  It frustrates to know that one day I will be interviewed next to someone who, like the sprinters, puts a last minute effort into the job hunt when I have been putting my everything in the whole time.

I have to believe that, like my cross country career, that my hard work and passion will build me up to be a top runner, leaving the flaky athletes too far behind to catch up.  In other words, I hope the job recruiters can see through that crap.

I guess I’m just excitable.  I have huge ridiculous dreams and my biggest flaw when it comes to work and school is overextending myself because I really just want to do it all.  (Well, that or completely slacking in the classes that don’t excite me.)  I think this is why I love my major.  There are so many opportunities for excitement, and I’ve been assured that I will be kept busy.

Sometimes I wonder if this is ignorance.  Maybe I’m just not jaded by the work force yet.  However, knowing my personality, if my excitement for PR dies I will find something else to rave about.  Look out world.

I AM SO ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THE MIRACLE OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS… and all of the wonderful interactions that come of it.

/end rant.



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