Marketing Myself

For the past few months this blog has really served as a personal space for me to be super nerdy about books, news and PR.  I didn’t even start telling people that I had a blog until about July, and I didn’t post links to Twitter or Facebook until last week.  On one hand, I don’t have many friends or followers who are really into PR like I am, but it really is about time to start marketing myself.

I’ve decided to come up with a small marketing campaign to help get my blog out to people who might want to read it.  I’m going to tell you about my plan, because if you are the type of person who would enjoy this site then you are probably interested, and I am definitely interested in other ideas.

1) Engage my social media.  This one is obvious to any marketing plan.  I’m going to start posting links and pictures specifically to Twitter and Pinterest to try and engage people with similar interests.  (Probably not as much on Facebook, as that site is less interest based and more proximity based. )

2) Every other week feature a story about someone I’ve met.  This will motivate me to go out and network a little, as well as give other PR students in the world a chance to learn from their message.  Also, this is an excellent way to instil some consistency in what I am writing about.

3) Use more images.  I’ve already started this, but it is definitely important for catching attention of people that click to my blog.

4) Post questions at the end of my blogs.  This means that you, lovely readers, should answer!  Give me some feedback!  I want to have conversations with people who love this stuff as much as I do!

I do plan on designing a personal brand for myself, but I just cannot figure out how to simplify myself down into a logo.  That’s a whole other post.

So what are the ways that you engage people in your blog?  What kind of posts make you feel compelled to comment or follow a site?


3 thoughts on “Marketing Myself

  1. I just recently started my blog for one of my communications class, so I’m still getting used to engaging my audience as well. But I agree with you about adding pictures and links. Those are what really grab my attention when reading a post. Also, I have learned not to post several times a day because too many posts in a short amount of time really draws your readers away and they get annoyed. Just a few tips that I have learned in class recently. Hope you succeed and get many followers!

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  3. I will definitely avoid overloading anyone with my excitement! I think my biggest thing is that I want to have conversations. Plus, promoting my personal blog is an excellent way to practice for promotions I may be involved in once I graduate. 🙂

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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