When to Get Involved…

A very valuable lesson was reinforced in my mind this weekend.

You are always representing the company you work for.

This idea is really true whether you are the CEO or the janitor, but when you work for the communications department you really can’t afford to forget it.  As far as the “public” is concerned, your political, religious, and personal beliefs are the beliefs of your company.  It’s not about being two-faced, or lacking conviction to stand up for your beliefs.  Working in PR just takes a complete understanding that when people talk to you, they form judgements of your entire area of work.

This lesson is exceptionally important during politics season.

Yes, we all have our favorites and (usually) legitimate reasons why.  However, endorsing a candidate, or discrediting one, will make people think that you are acting on behalf of your company.

Working in PR doesn’t stop when you clock out at 5 pm.



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