Back to College Life…

Oh my goodness blog, I have been so busy.

I’m really hoping to get back into my “once a week” update pattern, as well as feature some more posts on current PR issues going on in the world. (US politics especially seems to be an excellent example of PR disasters.) However, I haven’t quite settled into a routine yet and I am definitely still scatterbrained.  Sometimes I feel like I should set aside an hour a day just to sort out the social media that I try to interact with…

I DO have some fun personal life updates though! I’m stepping up my extracurricular involvement this year, since both my course load and work hours are lower than they have been in past years.  (Yet I somehow feel more overwhelmed than ever…)  Still, this means that I am hopefully going to be more involved in Powercat PR and Marketing Club, as well as working with the Collegian and student run PR and Advertising agency.  I’m so excited.  Recently I even joined the Powercat PR executive team as Treasurer!  I can’t wait to work alongside people who are as passionate about PR as I am. 🙂

I can’t wait to write a full post about my new job as well.  It’s been a lot of fun adjusting to a new communications team.  I love the way that internships make me feel like I’m constantly learning instead of just doing busy work.

Speaking of my job, there is work to be done! Until next time, WordPress…



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