Learning at LANL

Yesterday the mentor from my summer internship sent over the link to the magazine article we submitted in the last few weeks of my stay.


It reminded me that this blog started when I found the link to the first article I wrote for Innovation Magazine.  Basically, LANL is the internship that helped me recognize that this is the career path I want to commit to.  And that’s definitely only the beginning.

My first internship started before I had even declared a major.  My freshman year I was a clueless open option student, trying to figure out what to major in the was both fun and artistic… (photography wasn’t an option.)  At LANL I learned how communications could embody both areas, and more.  Last year, when I started taking some serious PR classes I was excited to see the things that I had participated in explained in class.

Still, I want to donate a blog post to a few things I ended up learning during my time spent at the Lab.

1. PR is not a priority, until it’s the only option.  Communications is often seen as the least important area… especially in a huge research laboratory.  People will mindlessly ignore emails and calls because your deadline is not their deadline.  They’re not being mean, prevention is just not seen as necessary until disaster strikes.

2. Instead of asking questions, just do it and ask for feedback.  People often don’t know how to explain the design ideas in their head, but they are really good at telling you what you are doing wrong.  It’s not something to take personally, just a different way to try and interpret people.

3. There’s always something to update.  Luckily, I love being busy, because there is always a PR project to be done.  The best way for me to focus is work on one thing until I need a break, then move to the next work item.

I couldn’t have asked for a better staff and mentor to learn with.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had this job opportunity, and if I don’t ever return it is only because science just isn’t my dream area of interest… like, at all.


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