Surprises Abroad

Oh hey there blog! I missed you! I was fortunate enough to have spent some time in the past few weeks in beautiful Costa Rica.  Unfortunately the vacation was lacking in internet opportunities… as well as cold showers or cell services.  Although I wasn’t able to upload some of the great stuff I pondered on the trip, this does mean that I have a whole slew of blog ideas headed your way in the next few weeks.  Although for now, I just want to brag a little. 🙂

I feel so lucky for this opportunity.  I met, hands down, the coolest people in the past week.  Morgan, a girl I met at a hostel, summed the experience up perfectly when she pointed out that it takes a specific type of person to walk away from steady jobs and such to spend time traveling the world.  These people completely inspire me.

It has always been my goal in life to find a job that I love, therefore “never working a day in my life.”  However, it is also my goal to know when to walk away and explore the amazing world around me.  In my first class today, PR Techniques, my professor and I talked about how creativity can be found by putting yourself out of your comfort zone and into situations you have never before experienced.  This is summed up perfectly by the following quote (by an unknown author):

“..It’s not enough to just change time zones, or to schlep across the world only to eat Le Big Mac instead of a Quarter-Pounder with cheese. Instead, this increased creativity appears to be a side-effect of difference: we need to change cultures, to experience the disorienting diversity of human traditions. The same details that make foreign travel so confusing – Do I tip the waiter? Where is this train taking me? – turn out to have a lasting impact, making us more creative because we’re less insular. We’re reminded of all that we don’t know, which is nearly everything; we’re surprised by the constant stream of surprises….When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has changed, and that changes everything.”

This all comes back to the wonderful people I met, who are so brave and so knowledgeable having put their selves in this type of culture shock over and over, until they can look at the world with a perspective that few others will ever have an opportunity to do.

I know my ten days in Central America altered the way that I perceive the people around me.  I can only hope that I continue collecting these experiences, as someone slowly adding more colors to a paining, until the artists true intent finally becomes clear.


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