Secrets from a Magazine Editor

One of my fabulous co-workers has taken it upon himself to help me network here at the Lab.  This is good news for me because I am notoriously bad at networking.  Seriously.  I used to tell people that I’m secretly shy, because I act confident but new people scare me a little.


Today I met with the editor of one of the labs magazine publications.  Super sweet lady, she told me about her journalism background and the few years she spent doing PR for a college.  Unfortunately, her prominent word of advice for me is to get an internship in the industry that I want to work in, and than network up until I get where I want.

If the idea of networking being the secret to success didn’t stress me out enough, she is suggesting that I pick an industry right now.

I am lucky to have an internship at a primer research facility.  I enjoy the work, the people, and the atmosphere.  But my dream job is just not this scientific.

However, I did feel like I had a lot in common with her.  I felt like she was just as clueless as me once, yet now she’s successful and happy.  (So there is hope for me!)  She was also kind enough to say that I seem to have it all figured out.

I’m just too big of a dreamer.  I have all these aspirations and no idea how to reach them. (HA!)


One thought on “Secrets from a Magazine Editor

  1. I used to use the “secretly shy” line too! Good luck picking your industry. I’m in the middle of doing the same thing–can’t decide between PR/Marketing/advertising. I’m sure you’ll find your niche!

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