A have a few goals with this blog.  The first one is simply to update it regularly.  Once a week preferably.  The second is that I will keep my private life completely separate.  I feel like both goals are very straightforward and make a lot of sense for the type of blog that I want to have.  Specifically, a blog to connect with an audience with similar interests.  I do believe I have been doing a pretty good job with this but unfortunately life just gets in the way and I don’t want to blog about it but I don’t have time to think of anything else to blog about.

Basically, I apologize for disappearing for a few weeks.

Also, my spiel for today will be short and sweet.

Earlier today I was fortunate enough to have lunch with one of the lead communications people where I work.  (Note: I work in the Tech Transfer division, not the Communications department so this was actually really exciting for me! Yay networking!)  After telling me about herself and her intern, who joined us, she inquired about my major.  (PR with a psychology focus.)  Both she and the intern laughed and told me that “sounded dangerous” and I would be “spinning stories and lies.”

1) I fully recognize that this is a popular opinion of my major but from a woman who writes articles & press releases for a fairly controversial laboratory it surprised me.  I could easily end up in a similar position with my current area of study.

2) Someone once told me I should go in to politics.  I promptly laughed in their face and told them that I wasn’t evil enough to be a politician and hated politics.  She proceeded to tell me that is exactly why I should do it, so I could have a positive impact on a negative field.  “We need more politicians who hate politics.”  I think this needs to be my PR mantra.  I don’t have to be a spin doctor just because I know how to.

We need more PR professionals who hate manipulation.

There is a whole argument here about how everything is manipulations and etc.  Seth Godin even pointed out “people can’t handle the truth.”  And really, I think there is a difference between being a spin doctor and  presenting your story and your beliefs to an audience in with the intent of connecting with them.  Another good point that this woman brought up about PR is that we need people to use good PR to battle the lies coming from other companies.

There is really a part 2 I could do on this topic.  The point though, is that I do hope to have a positive impact on a negative field.



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