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After my infographic post yesterday my mind has been buzzing with all of this creative energy regarding the trend, assuming this phenomenon can even be referred to as a trend.  I decided that infographics (IGs) would be a perfect idea for my next post, and I couldn’t wait to start looking deeper into the trend.  Unfortunately IG’s are so popular that when I tried to look up information on the psychology of them I didn’t find much information… just a ton of IGs about psychology.

Looks like we are going to have to jump right into my completely unprofessional analysis of the matter.

First of all, I want to point out something you may have noticed.  Some of societies most prominent social media outlets have made a shift towards being more visual.  Take, for example, Pinterest.  The site is based almost entirely on visual images.  In fact, when I first got an account I mostly collected artistic ideas and pictures for my “pinboards.”  Now the site is being utilized for more than images, but it is still images alone that catch audience interest and transport the user to an outside website.

Another example is the recent Facebook change to “Timeline.”  Pictures are now much more prominent on the profiles than before.  Even the cover photo is referred to by the facebook staff as the photo that “represents you best.”

I point out these recent changes to reinforce that society likes photographs.  The idea “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been around for a while.  The whole concept of IGs is that you can fit a lot of information into a small space with visual elements.

IGs basically make information easier to understand by increasing the amount of time it takes to analyze the data.   In other words, they appeal to a shorter attention span.  On top of that, IGs are easy to share, especially through outlets like Facebook and Pinterest, resulting in a wider viewing audience.  (This is great for marketing and PR.) Also, they are just visually appealing.  They look awesome.

If anyone knows of some good articles analyzing infographics leave me a link! I would love to delve deeper into the topic.


3 thoughts on “More on Infographics

  1. I wish I had some good articles on the topic for you! I don’t know much about it at all. I worried a bit when I first joined pinterest; mostly because I could not understand it, and then was a bit confused about why it was so picture-oriented…instead of seeing its good side, I was grouchy and all “oh, society is going down the drain and soon we’ll all just be babbling idiots like in Wally and blahblahblah” but I am seeing the bright side now 🙂 And it’s great that people can become so creative with their pictures and make an art of it.

    • I actually had some of your same “babbling idiot” fears after Pinterest started getting really popular. I started seeing less art and more crude humor. Still, I think everyone can get something they enjoy out of the site if they follow the right people! Which is really what is so great about it. 🙂

      • I’m glad I wasn’t alone in that 🙂 I felt like they wanted me to just stop using logical thought, point, and click. The more thinking I did, the more confusing it became. I have just been following my friends on there, and I still don’t really see their things or understand the organization…I’ll have to just keep trying I guess 🙂

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