Not Quite an MBA

At my current internship my primary job is as a marketing associate, meaning I write and design for publications as well as try to help the team make the website transition from Dreamweaver to Cascade go smoothly.  (I would NOT suggest trying to learn CMS on your own.)  As a result I would sum up my field of work as “production.”  This job is definitely what made me so passionate about graphic design as a field of study.

However, every summer our division hires a group of MBA interns who get to pick spin-off projects to work on.  They primarily focus on market research for the projects.  This would fall under the “analyze” side of marketing work.  Market research is so important to businesses, and something I really want to know more about, so I am going to be allowed to shadow these interns for the summer, assuming I finish my marketing work first.

I’m super excited!



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