Thoughts on brands

Because my internship seems to be lacking in work on publications this morning, my supervisor asked that I research how to measure internal communications.  My first epiphany took place at the bottom of the first article I read.

The article addressed internal basic communications plans, a whole other area of PR that I haven’t looked into at all. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware of the existence.  Still, employees are a very important stakeholder in any company and here I had been overlooking them because of my fascination with marketing.

Then I found this slide show:

I just felt like this information, on making sure that the people in your company are active representations of your brand and company goals, is so important.  Lately I have been increasingly disappointed with the customer service I see.  Your number one job with a company should be to represent the values of that company.  In turn, the companies should make sure that the employees understand these values and agree with them.

This all goes back to my number one goal after graduating… to find a job doing what I love, with a company I fully respect.  I am an enthusiastic, passionate person and I hope to one day translate these feelings into effective internal communications for a fabulous brand, motivating other employees to represent the company in the same way.

Obviously, not everyone is going to love their job.  However, I firmly believe that life is what you make of it, and if you are unhappy with something in your work situation take the initiative to voice your concerns.  In the end people all want a comfortable, positive, and efficient atmosphere.

Goodness, some of my coworkers would probably make fun of me for being ignorant.  They claim you get jaded after a few years.  I guess I will find out about the “real world” soon enough.



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