I first started blogging while in college in order to stay relevant in PR and hopefully catch the attention of future employers. However, over the past few months my passion for travel and exploration has been pulling the focus of this blog from the PR perspective. As a result, the posts on this website have been all over the place. I’ve decided to scrap PursuingPR and divide the best posts in two places.

An entirely new blog, UphillVoyage, will be a new project for my life experiences in travel, outdoors, and occasionally, books. I have an updated bucket list, and a new focused plan.

On the other hand, I will continue writing about PR issues and trends in a new blog section of my portfolio.

It’s going to be a bit confusing for a while, but I encourage everyone to go follow my new blog, UphillVoyage.



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Posts about my Southwest Airlines internship:
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